“Zach was great. We had a good turnout of students and everyone had positive things to say about him. He was really easy to work with, and I would definitely recommend him to speak at other schools.”
Emily Bremmon, University Program Council – South Dakota State University
“Zach is an outstanding speaker with an amazing story to hear.”  
Twillea Evans-Carthen – California State University/San Bernadino
“Zach was a huge success!  Everyone responded to him really well and his speech was such an asset to our conference!”
Stephanie Koslowski – Council of Michigan Foundations
Excellent!  I had a ton of people stop by my office afterward and say that they wish we would bring him every year.”
Lindsay Sparks – University of South Dakota
I was extremely impressed with Zach – first was his YouTube video which brought him notoriety and the invitation to speak at GE, but then again in person Zach was even more impressive. The way he approached a topic that many find to be sensitive was very eye opening and interesting but also very genuine and authentic. It was very uplifting to see the interest that was generated from his visit and the attention that was paid to his message. I hope to hear a lot more of what Zach has to share with us.”       
Carmen Dolan – General Electric
“Zach was such an inspirational speaker! I’ve heard nothing but great things about the event last night. He was a pleasure to have on campus.”
Luan Nguyen-Tran, Executive Director of Convocations & Lectures – University of Redlands
 “He was WONDERFUL! …Zach is such a fantastic speaker and my favorite part is that he is so relatable to the audience. He obviously has a wonderful story about his family, but I loved when he challenged the audience on what if something they said was video-taped and placed on YouTube, who would it impact? In a time where we struggle with student apathy, I thought that it an awesome way to light a fire.” 
Lindsay Sparks, Assistant Director of Student Life – University of South Dakota
“Our university president and entire community were most impressed with Zach. He was a tremendous draw for our faculty, staff, and students. We had well over 200 attend.”
Ron Ardizzone, PRIDE Advisor – Bentley University
“Zach was dynamic, approachable, and professional.  Both of Zach’s speeches reached the audience in new ways and ended with roaring applause. He made sure he was available after his engagements to meet with people and share more of himself with our campus. Overall, I would say Zach was one of the best speakers we brought to campus this year, and I strongly recommend him for any university, company, or high school.”
Danielle Reid – Miami University of Ohio
“Zach spoke at Marshfield High School about tolerance and bullying. He is an excellent speaker who addressed these subjects while talking about his experience growing up in a family with same sex parents. He answered students’ questions with insight and compassion. I strongly recommend that everyone hear Zach speak!”
A. Kiggens – Marshfield High School
“Will you please babysit my children?”
Jon Stewart – The Daily Show (Actual quote.)



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